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January Favorites

January Favorites

Here are some of my January favorites!! These are the lifestyle and fashion faves that I fell in love with the past month. 

Let's kick it off with this fleece blanket from Urban Outfitters. I'm OBSESSED with it! I picked up the blue one first and loved it so much that I picked up a second one in peach. It's the ultimate soft cuddly blanket and has made the cold January SO much more enjoyable! 

Also from Urban Outfitters is the cutest Brontosaurus Faux Planter ever!!! It's no longer available at UO but I found one that is almost IDENTICAL at Nordstrom so I'm going to share that one here for you to check out if you're as obsessed with it as I am! 

If you're looking for cute planters but not really into Dinosaur ones then click here to check out all the other cute planters that UO has! There are so many! 

Moving on from the home decor items to the fashion items! I have been picking up a few different pairs of shoes and loving them! 

First up are these super cute boots! They have such an amazing print that it adds a bit of texture to any look! I love them tucked into jeans, over them, with skirts, dress, pretty much anything! 

This purse from Free People is just the right size to carry everything you need and looks cute at the same time!  It also comes in quite a few different colors! The light blue one might be my next purchase because it's so cute!!! 

These next two pairs of shoes I picked up for spring and have really only worn them around the house while trying them out with different outfits! haha! They are SO PRETTY though!! As soon as the snow is off the ground I'll be wearing these out!  I'm loving the simple design of the heeled yellow sandal it really bring the focus to the gorgeous color! Then, the embroidered detail on these loafers. Wow! 

Lastly, I'm sharing a dry brush with you! This is perfect at getting rid of dry skin, increasing circulation, and decreasing the visibility of cellulite! I've become a huge fan of dry brushing the past month and have really started to notice a difference in my skin! This little guy is affordable and works amazing! 

If you want to see more favorites you can check out all my beauty & makeup favorites for January 2018 in my Youtube Video Here!! 

Anyways, that's it for this months favorites and flops! I'd love to hear any new discoveries you're loving so share those in the comments below!